Liz Wollmuth

Liz Wollmuth

Prior to coming to KP Crossfit, I felt I was in pretty decent shape. For most of my 47 years, I have been fairly active. I have run marathons, (although not very fast), completed a few sprint triathlons, attended more aerobic classes than I care to admit, hip-hop, dabbled in weight lifting, Karate, yoga, boxing, even participated in some Scottish Games.

I would consider myself very diversified in my choice of exercises and mainly because I would become bored with the same routine or stop seeing any real results. 4 months ago I started going to KP Crossfit with only haven taken 6 crossfit classes previously at another gym. I was extremely nervous. Assumed the only people taking crossfit were those young “super athletes”, not 40-something moms. I was wrong, there is no standard for a crossfit athlete; everyone can excel in this format.

The first week, the workout called for handstand pushups. Handstands were pretty much a thing of the past for me and even when I was a kid, I could never really do them. I kept trying and by the end of that class, I was able to get up “on the wall”. I can now do handstand pushups and the crossfit style of kipping pushups!

Each class I find something new I can work on, after a few months of frustration trying to master the kipping pull up, I can now do them during a WOD. I may need to hop down to regroup every so often, but I can do them! I can climb the rope, perform multiple box jumps without stopping, and have found a new love of weightlifting. I can lift heavier weight than ever before and even if I attempt a lift and fail, I don’t consider myself a failure because it’s all about trying. It may take weeks, months, or even longer to master a move but every time you try, you can see a little improvement.

I still dabble in long distance running and have found that even though I am not putting in the same miles every week that I used to, my runs have actually improved. Crossfit is amazing for endurance, speed, strength, it really targets everything. I have a busy life, full time work, family, dogs, and am the president of my son’s lacrosse team. There are many demands on my time so crossfit is the perfect workout for me because it packs so much into each session.

4 months ago I was stuck in a rut and going to a gym more out of habit than desire.

Now, I can’t wait to get in!

~ Liz Wollmuth


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