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Individual Training

Individual training at KP CrossFit will not only give you the results you are looking for but also the attention to the finer details that other facilities do not offer. KPCF programming takes into account the persons goals, abilities and fitness levels to create programs that address the individual specifically. Pricing: $65 per session


Constantly varied, functional movement at high intensity. This class setting is great for general fitness. Movements can be scaled to the each persons ability and fitness level. Each CrossFit class includes a dynamic warm up, skill session and/or strength session and metabolic conditioning (Metcon). Classes last an hour. Pricing:  $140 Unlimited $125 College Undergrad/Teacher/Service Pro...

Competitive CrossFit

KP CrossFit competitive training is for athlete looking to improve their performance in CrossFit competitions. Each athlete will have a specific program created for them to address their specific weaknesses and goals. You will still work in a group setting but within your own programming. Pricing: $50 per month

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